General Membership Meeting IN PERSON

March 8, 2022 at 7pm in the Evans Library

Meeting Agenda

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Meeting ID: 820 6064 0319

Passcode: EVANS

General Membership Meeting Minutes - January 11, 2022 


​Budget Report as of March 8, 2022

The H&SA uses the Remind App to keep families updated on H&SA information and events. Evans families can opt in to receive text messages and/or push notifications to their smartphones. We plan to send out a Weekly H&SA Update to those who opt in, with information regarding that week's H&SA events and reminders. It'll be short and sweet and hopefully give busy parents a quick reminder about something they may have forgotten. Click HERE for more info on how to join using classroom code @b7bh6h

2021-2022 H&SA Executive Board

President                              Sara McDowell           

Vice President                      Jen Steffenauer           

Secretary                              Lisa Osborne              
Treasurer                             Gina Murphy              
Principal                               Jacqueline Havrilla     
Teacher Liaison                  Suzanne Harvie          

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**Please enter your student's name and teacher in the notes section of checkout so we know who to send the cards home with!

Join the Home & School Association!

If you plan on coming to the school this year during school hours, whether it's to volunteer for the H&SA, help teachers during a holiday party, or any other reason, you MUST have clearances on file with the SFASD district office!

Clearances can take AT LEAST 2 weeks to process. So if you have any interest in helping in September (think Fun Run and Book Fair!!!) please complete these ASAP!

Clearances can not be completed electronically through the Raptor System! Visit the Spring-Ford Volunteer Page for more information. Questions can be sent to

Volunteer Information 2021-2022

Our Mission

The objective of this organization is to provide communication and understanding between families, faculty and administration at Evans Elementary School. We intend to encourage parents and teachers to cooperate in the education of the child.

We also facilitate efforts to provide adequate social, physical, and educational materials and programs; to meet and enhance the students’ educational experience, and to raise and maintain community interest in the educative processes at Evans Elementary School.

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2021-2022 General Membership Meeting Dates

September 14  -  November 9 - January 11  - March 8  -  May 10 

"Why should I join the Evans Home & School Association?"

Fundraising is only one of the things we do here at the Evans! You'll get the inside scoop on all H&SA events planned throughout the year and and be provided with opportunities to help with those events. As an H&SA member, you have a voice in decisions regarding how our funds are spent and who leads the H&SA team.  You'll join a group of passionate teachers & parents who believe that, through volunteerism and school involvement, our students will grow up knowing the importance of community, and hopefully become adults who appreciate and support the same. Join the Home & School Association today!

Membership information will be sent via Skyward email for the 2021-2022 school year.

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