Evans Home & School Association

If you plan on coming into the school this year (during school hours), whether it's to volunteer, chaperone field trips, help teachers during a holiday party, or participate in Field Day, you MUST have clearances on file with the SFASD district office.

Step 1: Visit Spring-Ford Volunteer Page for details on how to submit clearances. (This has to be done once every 5 years). Please note that clearances can take 2 weeks to process, so please complete these as soon as possible! 

Step 2: Complete a yearly survey via Raptor Volunteer Management.

Questions can be sent to volunteerclearances@spring-ford.net
Visit the Spring-Ford Volunteer Page for more information.

Our Mission

2022-2023 HSA Executive Board

President                             Erin Witt                           ees.hsapresident@gmail.com    

Vice President                     Jen Steffenauer               iveyje@gmail.com 

Secretary                              Lauren Scigliano             hsaevans@gmail.com
Treasurer                             Gina Murphy                    gmurphy125@gmail.com
Principal                               Jacqueline Havrilla           jhavr@spring-ford.net
Teacher Liaison                  Crystal Smith                    csmit@spring-ford.net

2022-2023 General Membership Meeting Dates

September 13  -  November 1 -  January 10  -  March 14  -  May 9 

Volunteer Information 2022-2023

Join our Home & School Association (HSA)!

Family Membership is $10 per school year  

The objective of this organization is to provide communication and understanding between families, faculty and administration at Evans Elementary School. We intend to encourage parents and teachers to cooperate in the education of the child.

We also facilitate efforts to provide adequate social, physical, and educational materials and programs; to meet and enhance the students’ educational experience, and to raise and maintain community interest in the educative processes at Evans Elementary School.

Evans Elementary

Home & School Association

The Evans Home & School Association (otherwise known as "HSA") is a registered non-profit organization which consists of parents & guardians (who work together with teachers, staff and administration) that support our students in a variety of ways throughout the school year.

The primary goal of the HSA is to enhance each child's experience during their time at Evans! To achieve that goal, the HSA organizes volunteer efforts, coordinates fundraising events & provides additional social, educational & community-based opportunities for students & their families.

Together with our teachers, we believe that volunteerism, school involvement and school pride will enrich our children, help them learn the value of teamwork & teach them the life-long importance of community spirit.​​

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